When you’re on a credit rebuilding program, the sound of your car making weird noises is probably the last thing you ever want to hear. Of course, you can buy a car with bad or no credit, but it is not going to be easy, or cheap. Here are three options to consider if you are planning to buy cars on bad credit:


Can you manage to save enough to pay for the car in cash? This way, you won’t damage your credit ratings any further, and even avoid the higher interest rates associated with bad credit car loans. Your friends and family can chip in, but you will have to be judicious when borrowing from them; money can poison relationships beyond repair.

Credit unions, banks, and other financing options:

Credit unions offer bad credit car loans in Nova Scotia at low interest rates.  These credit unions can look beyond your credit situation to offer car loans. But if your credit situation is really bad, it is difficult to find a union that offers loans on terms you can afford. It’s the same situation with banks as well. And then there are payday lenders that don’t care about your credit situation, but the interest rates are high, leaving you with more debt than you have right now.

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We offer no credit and bad credit car loans in Nova Scotia and other Maritime Provinces. Our interest rates are as low as 2.9%. We accept trade –ins regardless of the condition of your car. You have the freedom to choose your payment terms and even get cash back up to $5000 on approved loans. Call us if you are looking for car loans with bad credit or no credit.