Car financing can be a problem if you have a not-so-good credit score. There are several options you can choose from, but they’re not financially viable. Besides, you may be vulnerable to internet car loan scams. If you are looking for car loans for bad credit, here are three things you have to remember:

Check your credit score:

Do not get into a discussion with a bad credit car loan company in Nova Scotia without knowing your credit score. They may con you into believing that your credit scores aren’t good, leaving you with little option but to accept a high interest car loan. When was the last time you checked your credit report? Have situations changed since then? If they have, it’s better to get your credit report updated. And don’t forget to look for discrepancies. Did the debt collection agency miss to report that you’ve paid the loan? Disputes with the credit card bill? Do you suspect an identity theft? Report immediately.

Decide on the car that you’re going to buy:

Take a realistic look at your finances before you set out to buy a car. How much can you afford to pay every month? Have you set aside money for the insurance and the gas? Not look for a make and model that suits your budget. With a bad credit, there’s little you can do to bargain on the terms of the loan, but you can bargain on the purchase price. If the car you like is beyond your budget, try bargaining until it fits your budget. And if it’s below the budget, bargain to pull the price further down. Every dollar you manage to save can help you later.

Stay away from add-ons:

Some dealers may charge you $100 for a fabric protection spray that costs them nothing. And if you need additional fabric protection, a bottle of Scotchgard the trick. Similarly, protective paint sealants are the same deal.  And neither do you need extended warranties if you choose a car based on its reliability reports.

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