t is frustrating to haggle with a car dealer because your credit scores are less than stellar. But every lender will have a close eye on your credit scores while reviewing your application. So improving your credit scores is of utmost importance.

1. Know your credit score

Credit scores can be checked online, and will help you understand the various factors involved in its calculation. A credit report will show payment history, type of credit and its utilization, length of credit history and your most recent credit accounts. Missed payments will adversely affect your score. So make sure to check for any discrepancies that appear on the report, and inform the credit bureaus.

2. Stay within your budget

Lenders base their decision to offer car loans for people with bad credit on your ability to pay. Apart from your credit history and scores, your current income and monthly expenses also determine the amount of the loan you’ll receive. Therefore it is crucial to make a monthly financial plan and not to deviate from it.

3. Negotiate for the best deal

A lot of serious negotiation will have to go into getting the best car loan, especially if your credit scores are low. Check what your bank can offer first. If that doesn’t look promising, explore auto-lending options with reputable and specialized lenders like Maritime Car Loan. We offer bad credit car loans in Nova Scotia. Fill in our credit application to get pre-approved for an auto loan.

4. Pay off pending debts

The easiest way to improve bad credit scores is by paying off your credit cards. In the case of temporary hardships, explain to a prospective lender the reasons behind missed payments. Many auto lenders will be willing to consider your situation and weigh in other factors, like your current job, how long you’ve been there, your income and your work history.