SUVs and crossovers were the most popular car category in Canada last year, accounting for around 40% of the total car sales. Canadians love SUVs and are favoring them over other categories. Here’s why we think they’re so popular:

They’re weather friendly:

SUVs are the perfect cars for the cold Maritime weather. It is safe to drive an SUV in the snow, sleet, or other icy conditions. They’re safe to drive even in slippery conditions. It is very difficult to drive cars through deep snow. The vehicle offers excellent visibility and has high clearance which helps while driving through snow.

Fuel costs less in Canada:

SUVs are gas guzzling, but they’re not much of a problem in Canada where fuel prices remain relatively low across the country. Buyers don’t have to spend for gas as much as their counterparts across the world. The money they’d be ideally be saving on gas is freed up to pay for higher end SUVs.

Low-interest rates:

It’s not just people with a good credit rating, but even those with a poor or no credit also often choose SUVs. Low-interest rates for bad credit car loans in Nova Scotia ensure that people do not have to make tough purchase decisions. In fact, there are many dealers offering loans on 0 % financing for those interested in buying the newer models of SUVs.

They’re perfect for Canada:

Canada is the world’s second largest country, after Russia. With a population that is spread across the country, it makes sense to use an SUV instead of an ordinary car. You can tow a trailer or a boat for a weekend outing.

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