A used car is ideal for first-time drivers—they are affordable and easy to drive! There are hundreds of dealers offering car loans in Halifax, which means choosing the right company offering Maritime auto loans can be overwhelming. Below we list some reasons why you should choose us, Maritime Car Loan, over our competitors.


At Maritime Car Loan, we have been selling used cars to people in and around Nova Scotia for more than four decades. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of locals buy their dream car. While finding a car is easy, finding one that’s suited for your needs and budget isn’t. Our team can offer finance options that are sure to get you more for your money, and we’ll ensure that your first car is safe and modern. Our selection of used and new vehicles includes hundreds of cars—we have a car that’ll fit your budget.

Great Deals

Whether you’re looking for bad-credit car loans or you’re new to the country and lacking a credit history, we can help! It doesn’t matter if you’re bankrupt and unable to afford a fancy car. We offer cash-back on approved loans, a referral program, and a cosigner discount. And when you purchase a car through us, we can arrange for it to be delivered anywhere in Canada for no cost at all.

Variety of Cars

The best thing about choosing us to buy your first car is that no other dealer in the Maritimes promises the huge variety of cars we do. Selection is the name of the game, and at Maritime Car Loan we have vehicles for every budget tier.

Are you planning to buy a used car? Are you looking for bad-credit car loans in Nova Scotia? Call us today!