There are plenty of options for people looking for good and bad-credit car loans. You can approach either a bank or a credit union, but both of these lenders come with their respective catches. Fo...Read More


A car is a necessity as much as it is a luxury in Halifax. Without a car, it’s impossible to either get around or stay employed. No wonder vehicle expenses account for a major part of household ...Read More

UPDATE 17.12.16: Thanks to everyone who participated! Find out who won here.   That’s it and GOOD LUCK! We will announce our winners on Saturday, December 17th, 2016. THE FINE PRINT. The ...Read More

People migrating to Canada soon realize that it’s nearly impossible to make important purchases without good credit history – whether you’re looking to buy a car, a cell phone, or even renti...Read More

Establishing a credit history is one of the top priorities for all newcomers in Canada. A zero-credit history can be a huge roadblock for immigrants looking for the most basic of things like renti...Read More

When buying a new vehicle, it helps to understand your requirements and the credit responsibilities related to such a huge investment. Here are a few points that will help you understand the loan ...Read More

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