Oh no! Winter’s here! Beat the crowd and the cold and get a FREE set of winter tires AND $1500 extra holiday spending cash when you purchase a vehicle with Maritime Car Loan! Just ask your a...Read More

Poor or no credit does not mean that you cannot avail auto loans, or that you have to pay more. It only means that you may have to shop a little longer and be a little wiser than others. Here’...Read More

A bad or no credit situation needn’t be a cause for gloom. People with zero and poor credit scores can still apply for auto loans without having to pay scary interest rates. But people too oft...Read More

Bad credit or no credit – whatever the situation, you need a car to travel to and from work. If you can’t afford to keep your old car, it’s probably best to invest in a new affordable car. I...Read More

Whatever your credit score situation is, you still probably need a car. The modern world nearly requires it. That said, it can be really hard to find an affordable car when your credit score is po...Read More

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